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Help for your Earlobes

You're asking for problems with earrings like this!


As a wearer of long or heavy earrings, you know how it can take its toll. This article offers some very real and practical solutions for droopy earlobes:

Earring stabilizers are by far the cheapest and easiest way to prevent a droopy earring. Many times, you will see heavy earrings accompanied by these plastic types of backs in stores. They provide for extra strength for heavy accessories as a replacement for traditional jewelry backs. I’ve found these to be helpful with fish-hook style earrings as well. This product can also be found in more “cushion-y” models, further protecting your holes from tears and excess weight.
Lobe Wonder is a drugstore brand product that assists with pre-existing tearing or drooping AND to prevent those same problems. Per the company website, the undetectable patch is applied to the back of the lobe, bearing most of the weight of the earring itself.
The most serious (and expensive) solution is plastic surgery, which seemingly repairs the hole itself, allowing women to once again wear earrings without the droop or pulling. Check out this video from The Doctors for intensive info about the out-patient procedure (for exceptionally queasy stomachs, this might not be for you):