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Palladium Gone Mad…Men

Palladium is definitely the new black. Well, maybe not the new black, but at least the new metal of choice. Why? With the climbing costs of gold and platinum, palladium is an affordable and gorgeous choice for those in the know:

Palladium at Joseph Schubach Jewelers in Scottsdale, Arizona
Actress Christina Hendricks is the new face for the “Get a Life” palladium jewelry collection by Vivienne Westwood. Here, she wears the collection’s heart pendant with a Gaia inscription on a palladium chain.

New York—The Palladium Alliance International (PAI) and designer Vivienne Westwood have announced Mad Men actress Christina Hendricks as the face of the new Vivienne Westwood “Get a Life” palladium jewelry collection.

“Vivienne Westwood has always been one of my favorite designers,” Hendricks said, “So it was a great honor for me to be asked to represent the ‘Get a Life’ palladium jewelry collection.”

Featured in the line are both couture and retail pieces crafted from palladium, a naturally white precious metal belonging to the platinum family. The collection’s design is inspired by nature and symbols of paganism, such as the acorn, the oak tree and the heart.

“I love that there are dramatic pieces, such as the crown and the heart necklace, as well as more simple pieces, such as the acorn earrings,” Hendricks (below) said.

“Christina is the embodiment of beauty, and we were delighted to have been able to involve her with this new jewelry collection,” Westwood said. “Her style is just so complimentary to my designs.”

Westwood’s “Get a Life” palladium jewelry collection will be available in Vivienne Westwood boutiques in London and Los Angeles March 2011. Prices for the retail collection range from $445 to $900. The couture collection is made to order.

The PAI is an organization dedicated to establishing palladium as a precious and distinctive metal. This is the first time in history that palladium will be marketed to consumers as a precious jewelry metal.

Vivienne Westwood began designing in London in 1971 and is regarded as an influential fashion designer.

Source: National Jeweler