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The Other Reasons for Jewelry

We’ve often talked about this here before, so it was particularly refreshing finding an article about jewelry that serves other purposes than simply fashion. Since we’ve been in business 100 years, we understand intimately the connection between jewelry and tradition. My grandfather, father and I have seen pieces handed down, generation upon generation. Sometimes the pieces were kept exactly intact; others, alterations were made to fit the new wearer.

Style? Of course. That’s always a key element of jewelry. But often, it signifies so much more!

According to  Topix, here are some of the other reasons for jewelry:


There are jeweleries that are typically worn because of tradition. Examples of these are rings. Throughout the years, rings have been used as a sign of being a married person. In fact, weddings will not be complete without this. In terms of tradition, there are also some jewelries that have been passed on from generation to generation as their heirloom. These heirlooms can be worn daily or just something they can keep and be passed for the next people who may receive it as a part their family tradition.

Personal expression

For many individuals, they would not only consider fashion as a way to express their personalities or preferences. Choosing good jewelery will already make a difference on how they look and be comfortable about themselves. For instance, some people who would like to wear vintage jewelries even not in a fashion sense. Some want to wear those that are Gothic in style to have that dark style suitable for their preferences especially if they’re into Goth music or punk style.

Theme purpose

There are scenarios where certain style will be useful for every individual particularly in themed parties. They just need to choose the costume they want to have and get the jewelry suitable for it. Royalty often possess large jewelry collections that will showcase their familial prominence not only in terms of money but also their social status.

Without a doubt, jewelery will work perfect for every clothing especially when it comes to fashion but their uses are not only limited to this purpose. They can also use this for other purposes for important events or as a part of tradition.

Queen Nazli wearing her famous Jewels which she later had to sell in public auction to pay her and her daughter debts in L.A in 1970s.