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Strange and Unusual Jewelry

Adornment has been used since the beginning of time. But that doesn’t mean that it all works! Some forms of jewelry have worked for a time (mood ring, anyone?). Some pieces are classic and always retain their grace and style, like a pearl necklace. These pieces…well, you decide for yourself. Thanks!

Spock Ear Jewelry

Face chains - for the overly talkative girlfriend

Jewelry made from Potatoes

Mini-sculputure rings - with a LIVE princess inside!

Bobby Pin Jewelry

Bonsai Tree Ring

Industrial Material Bracelet (Oil Filter and Electrical Cable)

Laser Cut Wooden Bracelet

Personalized Audio Waveform

Molecular Structure Jewelry - This necklace accurately depicts the molecular structure of human beta-endorphin.

Recycled Camera Bracelet - Say cheese!