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Chandalier Earrings – Maintaining its Trendy Lead

Yesterday, I read about chandalier earrings and their continuing popularity over the last few years. It got me wondering about the history of chandelier earrings and sure enough, they’ve been around for quite some time. “Everything old is new again” continues to remain true. Chances are, there isn’t a piece of jewelry you possess that doesn’t have a story tell, sometimes reaching back many centuries.

Here’s a little more on chandalier earrings:

Chandelier style, also known as girandole, are characterized by a bow, central stone or circular cluster of stones at the top from which are suspended three gemstone drops. The tops as well as the drops can be from simple to elaborate in execution. This style of earrings, and pendants, is first noted during Roman times, re-emerged during the Renaissance and persisted until the late Victorian period. With the revival of antique style jewelry in the late 20th and early 21st centuries many adaptations of the Chandelier earring are seen.

Source: Antique Jewelry University

Some examples (and remember, if any appeal to you, we’re happy to design a pair with your tastes in mind.)

Cheryl Crow dons pink chandalier earrings