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Jewels in Poetry

Today, we are going to wax poetic about jewelry. Of course, jewels and gems have been mentioned in literature and poetry since time immemorium. Why? Because jewels have a magical, mythical quality that pairs perfectly with the beauty of words. Take this lovely, lilting piece by poet Sarah Teasdale:

If I should see your eyes again,
 I know how far their look would go --
Back to a morning in the park
 With sapphire shadows on the snow.

Or back to oak trees in the spring
 When you unloosed my hair and kissed
The head that lay against your knees
 In the leaf shadow's amethyst.

And still another shining place
 We would remember -- how the dun
Wild mountain held us on its crest
 One diamond morning white with sun.

But I will turn my eyes from you
 As women turn to put away
The jewels they have worn at night
 And cannot wear in sober day.