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The Gold Test

We’ve talked about the importance of being an educated jewelery buyer many times on my blog. I figure it this way: when you know as much about the jewelry you’re buying as I do, you feel more confident in your purchase. And rightfully so: buying jewelry is a commitment. When a customer is well-informed, he or she tends to make smarter decisions that last a lifetime.

Here’s a little lesson on the gold test:

After choosing perfect style on your particular occasion from your favorite jewelry store, the first thing you can do is to look for karat mark, which can be found mostly on end caps (where holding lock) for necklace, bracelet and anklet.

You will find 10kt or 417, 14kt or 585 and 18kt or 750 marking on it as well as, but not necessarily, trademark or company code and its country of origin.

For the rings, look inside the band, you will find quality markings. These markings are mandatory and if you don’t see it, something is seriously wrong.

Although due to some special custom made work or resizing a ring will damage marking permanently. This is where reliable jewelry store you can trust comes in. because good jewelry store will not damage or destroy these markings when necessary work or resizing.

And secondly, if you have any doubt, let the jewelry store manager test your item right in front of you. Most jewelry store will do this for you free of charge. There’s testing kit that contains 3 small bottles of 10kt, 14kt and 18kt testing liquid (acid), in most cases, with flat stone like rectangle panel.

They will scratch item of your choice on rectangle panel and apply appropriate liquid on it. Now observe it. What you want to see here is that scratch will remain nice and bright if item is right karat. If it is not right karat, in other words low quality, scratch will fade away and will even darken.

And finally, a rule of thumb that you always do, let them write down what you need on the receipt such as karatage or proper return policy. This is good way to protect your hard working money as a proof of quality promise from that store.

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Here’s a short video on the gold testing process: