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A Ring to Behold – Do it with Gemesis!

60-plus ct. yellow diamond in 18k gold

We just had to show you a picture of this beauty. It was a recent winner at the recent JCK Las Vegas 2010.

According to one of JCK’s correspondents:

The 60+ Carat Yellow

Sure, there were plenty of diamonds strewn around the Venetian, but only one reached jawbreaker proportions. Amir Goldfiner, owner of Rahaminov Diamonds in Los Angeles, proudly presented his diamond—a radiant-cut, 60-plus ct. fancy vivid yellow—for the first time at JCK Las Vegas.

“A stone like that is crazy,” he says.

The rough responsible for the rock weighed several hundred carats; one of Goldfiner’s cutters spent nearly a year whittling down the original mass to its current size and shape. (The stone is now set in an 18k gold ring.)

Yet Goldfiner is reluctant to divulge much else, like grade or exact weight.

“I want to maintain the mystique,” he tells JCK, alluding to a possible auction sale. “There are very few stones like it in the world.”

And the price for that kind of ice? If you have to ask… —Jennifer Heebner

We’re here to tell you that a piece like this can be yours – and no, you don’t have to be drippingly wealthy. Gemesis is a magnificent fancy colored gem that will knock your socks off. Consider a piece like this for our upcoming custom design contest (details soon!)