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Ancient Egypt meets New World

Ancient Egypt still influences our choice of fashion today, if you can believe it. Or perhaps you are already aware, since any of the images below are hardly foreign to our eyes. Cleopatra and her wondrous ways certainly had a direct influence.  Kind of amazing to think of that kind of fashion lasting power!

And remember, we know our jewelry and our history – if there’s a piece that makes you feel like an Egyptian queen, let us create one for you.

Jewelry was extremely popular throughout the history of the Egyptian nation. Excavations of tombs have shown that queens of Egypt were almost always buried with a multitude of jewelry to be used in the afterlife. The amount of jewelry worn by an individual often indicated their social position and level of wealth.

Even the poor, who could not afford much, attempted to adorn themselves with as much jewelry as was possible. While not nearly as expensive, the jewelry of the commoner was usually very brightly colored and was constructed of materials such as pottery.

The Egyptians did not confine themselves to a limited selection of materials: a very wide variety of minerals were crafted into jewelry including amethyst, cornelian, jasper, onyx and quartz crystal. Today these stones are classified as semi-precious versus precious gems like diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds.

Tutanhkamun pendant (photo: J. Bodsworth)

19th Dynasty inlaid diadem, or wig (J. Bodsworth)

Source: Ancient Egypt online