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Pricing Jewelry – What’s a Piece Really Worth?

(above) A Clarity Enhanced Diamond - Still a Stunning Diamond but at a Fraction of the Price

What makes one platinum wedding ring cost more than another? Why does moissanite cost much less than naturally mined diamonds but more than cubic zirconia? And why would jewelry prices change from year to year?

Pricing jewelry is not an easy process; markets fluctuate and materials can change in availability. On top of that, the design and name of a piece of jewelry can tip the scales in one direction or the other.

Here’s an excerpt for LuShae’s Jewelry blog that elaborates:

People are often curious to understand why one particular piece of jewelry can be so much more expensive than another piece. The material used to construct jewelry plays a big part in determining its price. Cubic Zirconium and Stainless steel are affordable, gold and silver more expensive. Platinum is twice as expensive as 24k gold and Rhodium cost 10 time as much as platinum.

Certain types of materials are also easier to work with than others and so the complexity, skill and cost of tools and procedures used to manufacture the jewelry also vary.

Jewelry designed by certain jewelry artists also plays a part in determining prices. Artists release a limited range of styles and designs and some even produce unique one-off pieces. Demand for popular styles and limited number pieces results in premium prices.

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Moissanite - The Full Diamond Experience at a Fraction of the Price