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The Bling isn’t the Thing?

According to one fashion expert, the Oscars still honored a more subdued look in light of our economy.

Beth Bernstein believes that this is a good thing for a consumer: we can actually afford pieces or styles that celebrities are wearing without breaking the bank.

Of course, this requires some creativity: like using moissanite instead of naturally-mined diamonds or freshwater pearls or Gemesis – all considerably more affordable material:

Bling is no longer the thing at red carpet events.  Low key and subdued is the message A-List celebrities have been sending out for some time now. And, personally,  I think this couldn’t be better for our retailers.

What celebrities are wearing translate into understandable pieces that can easily be interepreted (at lower diamond weights and less tony price tags) into your customer’s wardrobes. And these divas, many whom I’ve watched for several years have had a range of faux pas and now have all come into their own.

I realize that some of my editorial counterparts might not agree, wishing to see more stand out pieces but once again the red carpet was the stage for earrings, cuffs and right hand rings and a few spectacular yet more delicate necklaces.

Earrings are always a way to light up a woman’s face and can easily be interpreted with varied collections you have in your stores. The cuff bracelets are perhaps harder to sell but are good stand out pieces to revolve a collection around. Buy one for impact.

When we finally saw necklaces they were choker length and we didn’t see too many but the styles we did see were breath-taking and less overwhelming than in the past.

I like this minimalism. It doesn’t say jewelry isn’t important; it says don’t let your jewelry wear you.

Writer: Beth Bernstein

Kate Winslet with a Scaled Down Bling Look