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Everything You Need to Know about Gold…and More!

Golden Facts:

Gold is the most popular metal used in jewelry making. Here are some other uses of this precious metal:

  • McLaren F1 uses gold foil in the engine compartment

  • Gold is used in astronauts’ helmets

  • Gold can be used in food. Goldwater, traditional herbal liquor produced in Poland and Germany, contains flakes of gold leaf. There are also some expensive ($1000) cocktails which contain flakes of gold leaf.

  • Gold is used in the connectors of expensive electronic cables like audio, video and USB cables

  • Gold is used in computers, communications equipment, spacecraft, and jet aircraft engines

  • Colloidal gold (also known as “nanogold”, is a suspension (or colloid) of sub-micromete-sized particles of gold in a fluid – usually water) is used in research applications in medicine, biology and materials science. Colloidal gold is also the form of gold used as gold paint on ceramics prior to firing.

  • It is used for the protective coatings on many artificial satellites

  • It is used in infrared protective faceplates in thermal protection suits

  • It is used in electronic warfare planes like the EA-6B Prowler

  • Gold is used as the reflective layer on some high-end CDs
  • The isotope gold-198 is used in some cancer treatments and for treating other diseases

  • Gold leaf, flake or dust is used on and in some gourmet foodstuffs, notably sweets and drinks as decorative ingredient

  • Gold alloys are used in restorative dentistry, especially in tooth restorations, such as crowns and permanent bridges

  • Gold can be made into thread and used in embroidery

Source: Purple Slinky

Styel 7233WB

Ladies’ 14kt Yellow Gold Anniversary Band With Channel Set Diamonds

Ladies’ anniversary band, 1.0ct t.w. channel set diamonds, 14kt yellow gold.

Metal: 14kt Yellow Gold
Stone Size: 1.0ct t.w.
Ring Size: 4 – 8