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The Tennis Bracelet – A Brief History

Is it a bracelet you wear while playing tennis for good luck? Or perhaps what an in-step fashionista wears after a game, while sipping a mint iced tea in the tennis club? Or maybe none of the above.

The actual story is rather interesting:

Tennis bracelets got their unusual name from an incident involving professional tennis player Chris Evert during a match in 1987. Evert had been wearing an expensive bracelet featuring an inline string of individually-set diamonds. When the clasp snapped, she asked the officials to stop the match until the jewelry could be found. Since that day, bracelets featuring an inline array of diamonds have been called tennis bracelets.

In the jewelry world, tennis bracelets are the perfect accessory for formal occasions because of their sparkle – an “upscale” bracelet. Individual diamonds (or moissanite or Gemesis) are placed in square settings and then strung into a bracelet held together by a clasp. The settings and support wiring may be constructed from silver or other metal.

The nice part about tennis bracelets are their comfortability. They provide “give” while wearing and glide on the wrist elegantly and smoothly.

Here’s one of our favorite tennis bracelets:

Style 1857M

Bezel Set Moissanite Tennis Bracelet

Bezel set tennis bracelet with Charles and Colvard created round moissanite, standard 7″ length.

Available Moissanite Total Weight: 3.0ct-8.0ct