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How the Tennis Bracelet Got its Name

When asking around the office yesterday, only a few knew the story behind the tennis bracelet’s name. (I must confess, I was one of them.) But apparently, it has to do with one famous tennis player and a faulty clasp:

Evert was wearing a George Bedewi-designed bracelet sparkling with an inline string of individually-set diamonds when the clasp snapped, sending the precious piece of jewelry scattering across the court. The six-time U.S. Open champion requested a pause in play to search for it.

The image of the “Ice Maiden” coolly recovering the missing ice on court resonated well beyond the baseline, and since then bracelets containing an inline array of diamonds have been called “tennis bracelets.” Their clasps seem to be more secure these days, as tennis bracelets have spread from the court to the red carpet as an accessory to the stars.



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