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Anniversary Bands

  • Anniversary Rings – Take a Chance

    Anniversary rings are a perfect way to renew your love. Anniversary rings also offer the opportunity to take some chances with the design and material.

    Moissanite is more than just a diamond simulant; it’s a lab-created diamond and at Joseph Schubcach Jewelers, we use only Charles and Colvard moissanite, the best in the industry. By using moissanite, you’re making an eco-friendly choice as well an affordable one.

    So this anniversary, keep it affordable yet still totally stunning with moissanite!

    Milgrained Anniversary Band With Round Stones Milgrained anniversary band with between 1-1.15ct t.w. round stones on all three sides, 4.6mm wide.


    Round Stone Anniversary Band Shared prong anniversary band featuring between .84ct-.90ct t.w. round brilliant stones, 2mm wide.


    Style 10289 Prong Set Round Brilliant Diamond Anniversary Band Prong set anniversary band between .60ct-.68ct t.w. round brilliant diamonds, 3mm wide.

    Style 10290 Round Brilliant Diamond Anniversary Band With Engraved Sides Engraved anniversary band with between .87ct-.96ct t.w. round brilliant diamonds, 5mm wide.

  • 50th Anniversary Band

    Cal and Roberta contacted us to duplicate her wedding band in 18kt yellow gold, which we did nearly identically! We also enlarged her original wedding band to fit over her knuckle keeping the design flowing all the way around.

  • 1/2pt diamonds or 1pt diamonds – what’s your preference?

    We’re working on a new design and trying to decide between using 1/2pt diamonds or 1pt diamonds on the shank. While both are very petite, the 1/2pt stones are so delicate and gorgeous! This picture shows two different bands using 1/2 and 1pt diamonds.

    Hit “like” if you prefer the outer ring or leave us a comment!

  • Two Wedding Rings – A New Trend?

    We’ve recently seen several of our customer requesting not one, but two wedding rings – one for each side of the engagement ring. I recall many years ago hearing about this trend in Australia and New Zealand. Has it finally caught on here?

    Here is an example from one of our customers. They purchased a ring very similar to our style 9617 and added an anniversary style band on each side.

  • New Engagement Ring Style

    We just finished this yummy ring for a local client of ours. It’s new to the line, exclusive to us, and not on the site yet. If anyone wants to ooohhh and ahhhhh over it, give us a call and we’ll ooohhhh and ahhhhh with you!

    We’ve shown it with a couple of matching wedding bands. Seems that having multiple wedding bands is all the rage right now. Also, multiple wedding bands make great anniversary and occasion presents!

    As usual, you can have this ring made with any stone, metal and combination you prefer! Better photos forthcoming.

  • 18kt yellow gold

    Whenever we make a ring in 18kt yellow gold I’m reminded how beautiful the metal is. It has a very royal look to it, a color so rich that you can nearly taste it!

    Remember, you can have any ring on our site, custom made or otherwise, done in 18kt yellow gold!

    Our style #1052 with matching wedding ring

  • Francesca’s New/Old 50th Anniversary Custom Wedding Ring

    Our long time friend Francesca came to us to make a custom 18kt yellow gold wedding band for her and her husband Leo’s 50th wedding anniversary. She wanted an old world feel, something that looks used and worn, something heavy that feels nice to the touch and smooth to wear. Fran liked the way a pair of her earrings looked and thought they could be the inspiration for the piece that would signify their special day.

    The wedding band in the image with the earrings was the original wedding ring that Fran’s father gave to her mother. This piece, of course, is extremely sentimental to Fran and her family. We can only hope that the ring we made for Fran will someday have a similar meaning to her family.

    Have you thought of a family heirloom that you would like to create? If so, we would be honored to help you with this!

  • Bringing a Ring back to Life

    One of the most important facets of Joseph Schubach Jewelers is our personalized customer service. We have customers spanning decades, returning to us because we genuinely care about what we do and how our customers feel.

    Take Katherine Mowry for instance. She came to us with an engagement ring that needed some serious loving care. It was over 20 years old and needed our touch to appear as dazzling as the day her husband proposed.

    We completely refurbished it, including replacing two bezel set
    sapphires, one on each side of her diamond, with new ones and replacing
    the shank (which is the bottom part of the ring) that had worn out. One of our prize team members, Sherry Sheridan, spent time with Kathryn, experimenting with different stones until the ring was just how Katherine dreamed.

    Kathrine had this say about Sherry's caring customer service:



    If you're in the market for an anniversary band with a classic style like Katherine's, consider this:


    Ladies' 14kt White Gold Anniversary Band With Channel Set Diamonds

              Click here for more details


  • 30,000 Loose Diamonds, New Engagement Ring Styles and the Ease of On-Line Shopping.

    Banner-bridal-builderJoseph Schubach Jewelers expands its diamond offering
    online with the Bridal Ring Builder program, an online
    database of over 30,000 certified loose diamonds and a
    collection of over 50 new, customizable engagement rings.

    Now you can explore one of the largest inventories of loose
    diamonds from the world's leading diamond cutters – and design
    your own engagement ring – from the comfort and ease of your
    home. And when you're ready for some expert help, the staff at
    Joseph Schubach Jewelers will be there to answer any questions
    you might have. We can even bring the diamonds into our office
    for you to view and inspect prior to purchasing. The ease of
    online shopping with the peace of mind of professional help,
    it's just another way for you to have the diamond jewelry of
    your dreams! Visit our website and start dreaming today!

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