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Thoughts on jewelry

  • Movement, flow and the dangle earrings

    Yesterday, as I sat with my friend over coffee, I couldn’t help but notice her dangling silver hoop earrings. As she told an animated story about a recent date gone awry, the earrings swung to and fro and almost seemed to punctuate the tale.

    It got me thinking about movement and jewelry. Some pieces are meant to be stationary and don’t benefit from a design that enhances flow. As a matter of fact, most jewelry is meant to stay put.

    One could argue that a bracelet or a necklace are built for some movement and benefit from a swing or sway. But no piece of jewelry is enhanced by movement like earrings, especially ones that dangle. When they do, they tend to be real attention grabbers, like my friend’s earrings did.

    A conclusion I drew yesterday a.m.? Wear dangling earrings when you want that little boost of attention, like on a date or perhaps during an interview. Of course, you don’t want your swinging accessories to upstage you, but enhance you, like a sparkling spotlight.

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