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Custom Jewelry Designs

  • Natural Pink Diamonds

    PinkdiamondssharpSubtle but beautiful! We have these little tiny natural pink diamonds in for a customer. While subtle and light in color, they would look absolutely gorgeous set into rose gold, say in an accent band around a center diamond in a white gold engagement ring, for instance! We can hardly wait to make something with these!!!

  • Custom Made Blue Sapphire and Blue Diamond Engagement Ring

    CustomsapphirebluediamondengagementBeautiful Blue! Blue sapphires and blue diamonds encrust this beautiful, custom made engagement ring. The center stone of this unique engagement ring is a sapphire while alternately channel set down the sides are blue diamonds and more blue sapphires. Complete with a custom message engraved inside the ring!Customsapphirebluediamondengageme_2

  • New Record Set for Most Expenseive Gemstone Sold

    Fancybluepearshapediamond A new world record for the highest price per carat for any gemstone ever sold was set on May 16th. The gemstone, a 3.73ct pear-shaped blue color diamond, sold for $4.93 million, or $1.33 million per carat! Check out the story here.

  • Fancy Blue Color Diamond

    We recently brought this 1 1/2ct round fancy blue color diamond in for a client we’re working with. It’s a natural diamond enhanced to this beautiful blue color. The cut is excellent giving it great sparkle and brilliance.

    Color enhanced diamonds are a great value. Natural, non enhanced fancy color diamonds like this can easily run in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. A color enhanced diamond actually costs less than a near colorless diamond.