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DIY Contest 2012

  • DIY (Dream it Yourself) Custom Design Contest Update

    We’ve had a few inquiries regarding our contest. Here’s the response we recently sent to our contestants:

    We wanted to reach out and keep you posted regarding your custom design piece entered in our DIY (Dream it Yourself) Custom Design jewelry contest.

    First of all, thank you. Each and every piece has its own distinctive look and feel. It’s a genuine pleasure to share in this creative process with you.

    Currently, we’re busy in the studio designing and creating your special piece of jewelry. Our next step is to build an online gallery for the world to see your masterpiece. Because of the amount of entries (29 contestants in total!), we anticipate completion by the end of November.

    But you don’t have to wait that long to see these amazing works of art. Simply “like” us on Facebook, where we’ll post weekly updates and create a dedicated album of the jewelry in its various stages of progress.
    You can also check out our blog (or add it to your RSS feed) where we’ll also be posting videos, images, stories and descriptions.

    Remember: If you have any interesting or romantic back story to your custom design piece, please share it with us.

    And if you haven’t already, create a personalized name for your piece (“Hearts at Play Ring by Cris” or “Steven’s Bling Ring,” for instance) and send it out way. (These personal touches really help your piece stand out during the voting period.)

    So again, like us on Facebook and check out our blog frequently for updates. And email me at with personalized info about your piece.

    Thanks again for your patience and your contribution to this contest. We hope to create the best pieces possible…and hopefully, highlight you as a winner!

    Joseph Schubach Jewelers