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What Activities Dull a Diamond?

What Activities Dull a Diamond?


A ring is designed to sparkle and look as beautiful as that he held your trembling hands and you said, “I do.” But unfortunately, a ring can lose that initial dazzle over time and wear.

But that’s okay. A ring, like any other investment, needs to be maintained.

Why has my ring lost its sparkle?


A ring can accumulate a build-up of lotion, make-up, hair products and other oily substances that slowly mask the brilliance of your gem. Let’s not forget hair spray, which can also slowly erode gold and dull the surface of diamonds and other gemstones.

Household products can also wreak havoc on jewelry. If those chemicals are strong enough to clean your kitchen floor, imagine what it does to a softer metal like gold?

Most know to remove your ring before you do the dishes, but many women will “sneak” a dish here or there. Don’t. Dishwashing liquid is another powerful detergent that clouds sparkle.

Certain activities can put your ring in jeopardy, like cooking (think oil and flour) and gardening (dirt, sprays, etc.)

To protect your ring, you need to create new habits and stick with them 100%. Remove your jewelry before certain activities; soon, it will be rote. Treat your ring as special as you treat your love: with utmost care!

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