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Watching Jewelry Videos Can Be Relaxing

Have you ever watched Fireplace TV? It goes a little something like this…

Deceptively relaxing, perhaps bordering on the boring, TV like this can have a positive effect on our brains.

According to Motherboard:

To some extent, escapism is just human nature, and TV offers it up on a silver platter. Media psychologist Pamela B. Rutledge agreed that a bit of distraction can be rejuvenating, and that anything that lowers stress can be a good thing. “Television provides an escape, since we travel into a new world, we have the sense of being present in the imaginary world.”

Watching jewelry spin around in circles would fall under the category of “peaceful TV” or “slow TV” where not much happens…but that’s okay. There’s also no violence, loud noises and rapid edits that tire out the mind.

Okay, time for full disclosure:

This is all a shameless plug for Schubach TV. Our videos have been watched close to a million times on YouTube. We theorize that not only do people like checking out jewelry to potentially buy, they also simply enjoy the quietude of watching pretty things spinning in circles.

Ready to unplug? Check this out!