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The Infinity Symbol as a Jewelry Pendant


absolutus infinitus symbol 


One of the most amazing aspects of jewelry? Throughout time and across history, the same symbols have appeared over and over again. We share a collective knowledge of its meaning, whether we’re conscious of it or now. Isn’t that special?

Take the Infinity Symbol, for instance. Its “sideways eight” shape has appeared in the cross of Saint Boniface (wrapped around the bars of a Latin Cross).

But its John Wallis who is credited with introducing the infinity symbol in 1655. Wallis didn’t detail his reasoning for use of this symbol but its theorized to be a variation of the number 1,000 (originally CIƆ, also CƆ) meaning “many.”

If we take a deeper dive, this symbol has become identified with a variation of the ouroboros, an ancient image of a snake eating its own tail. Its come to symbolize THE INFINITE, since like a circle, there is no end.

Wearing an infinity symbol as pendant signifies long-lasting love, whether its with a significant other, a family member or friend or something more spiritual, like an infinite love of self or a god figure.

If you’re considering a custom design piece with a specialized symbol like this one or any other, let us create one imbued with the meaning that’s special just for you!