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Does Romantic “Chemistry” Really Exist?


Ah, the elusive chemistry between two people. We swear it exists but can do little to verify its existence. Is it a feeling, a “vibe” or does is there an actual biological response at play, one we can’t control but simply…is?

Perhaps a little bit of  both. The science behind attraction includes all of our senses, which help us determine whether someone is right for you.

According to one article, all senses are at play when meeting someone we might fancy, but sight is particularly important (no surprise there):

Men, for example, have 25% more neurons in their visual cortices, meaning they tend to place more emphasis on visual cues than women. That being said, both men and women are attracted to visual indications of health, such as clear skin, bright eyes, and shiny hair.

But even our sense of smell helps us determine a love interest. Interestingly, women in particular can sniff out something called “histocompatibility complex molecules” which give us an idea of someone’s immune system. Which makes sense. We want to find someone we connect with, sure…but if you’re interested in a long-term connection that may include a family, health matters, right?

Even hearing comes into play. Think of someone you might have been attracted to, but then he or she spoke and the spell was broken.

But of course, nothing matters as much as that Big First Kiss. That’s where several senses work in tandem, including taste, smell and touch.

A recent Gallup poll found that 59% of men and 66% of women had ended a new relationship due to a ho-hum first kiss.

But science be damned: there still seems to be a certain magic that goes beyond our biology and indicates that bigger powers are at play when we meet. So use your senses, but be open to that sixth sense as well…science can’t measure that as easily ; )