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Kissing Do’s and Don’ts at the Alter


Picture this.


You’re at the alter with the man/woman of your dreams. You’ve said your vows and now its time for The Big Kiss. You really want to make the most of it. You want to show your partner and those witnessing your lovely betrothment just how much you REALLY LOVE your new partner.

So you lay a big kiss on her/him. Like, a really big one. You come up for air and dive back in again, to really drive the point home.

Your loved ones writhe with discomfort. A few family members start coughing loudly as if to say: Just. Stop. Already.

Apparently, YOU didn’t read up on the proper etiquette of alter kissing.

Some alter don’ts include:

Don’t be Sloppy. Keep your mouth closed please. Nobody wants to feel awkward watching this important moment. They want to see the love…not the honeymoon.

Don’t Surprise Him/Her. Weddings are not a time for new tricks. Trying that tango-style dip on her could mean an accident that no one will forget (especially her).

Some alter kissing do’s include: 

Practice your big kiss. You’ve practiced everything else, right? Work on timing: how the two of you approach one another (slowly, not too quickly), where to place your hands and how long to kiss.

Create a mini-drama out of it. Think of a romantic moment in a movie that takes your breath away. Recreate it for your loved ones to see.

Final pointer: toss these tips away! It’s your big kiss after all. Make it as unique and special as the two of you.