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Cooking and Jewelry = Not Perfect Together

What's wrong with this picture? (Take it off!)

What’s wrong with this picture? (Take it off!)


With the first of the “big” holidays approaching, we expect many jewelry wearers to be knee deep in kitchen preparations. And many will already be dressed beforehand, with a mere apron serving as a protection against the “elements” of Thanksgiving (steaming heat, splattering grease and hard knocks on unyielding frying pans).

How about some friendly holiday advice?

Take off your jewelry before even entering the kitchen. 

While many jewelry aficionados know better than to wear jewelry into a pool or the bathroom, most don’t think of one of the most dangerous zones in the household for jewelry: the kitchen.

Not only can cooking oils and fats stain metals, but food can get lodged into the setting of your engagement ring. And it doesn’t stop there: detergents can cloud up your gems, slowing dimming their inner fire.

And let’s not forget about potential loss. The bathroom isn’t the only place with a drain waiting to cause trouble, afterall.

The takeaway? Get into the habit of removing jewelry before entering the kitchen. It’s that simple. Take a few minutes before dining to don your glittery best. You’ll provide your guests with an extra treat by showing them another layer to your holiday look!