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Think outside the Box – Gifting Jewelry this Holiday


Gifting jewelry in a box is ingrained in us. Seriously, what commercial doesn’t include that breath-taking moment when a box containing a certain sparkly something is opened to reveal its dazzling contents.

With this holiday fast approaching, let’s look at some different ways to present jewelry. Ready to think outside the box?

Hang it from the Christmas tree. Of course this works better if its a necklace or bracelet, but its not hard to hang a dazzling pair of studs (with a little string). Why from the tree? Because its a stunning backdrop for jewelry, with fantastic lighting and sparkles surrounding your special something.

Just put it on. One of our clients put a beautiful pendant necklace on his wife while she was sleeping (a heavy sleeper apparently) so she awoke on Christmas morning wearing her gift already. Clever! 

Fake-out packaging. This is a tried, true (and fun) method to present your jewelry. Find the biggest box possible for your little gift. Or put a box inside a box inside a box. Make the recipient work a little to find his or her gift! It makes the discovery that much more rewarding.

Random spot placement. Another client of ours put an engagement ring in his wife’s favorite pair of shoes, which she planned on wearing over the holidays. A scream could be heard throughout the house the evening she dressed for a party. Now that’s a surprise.

So don’t be limited by the box! There are a ton of creative, fun ways to present jewelry that make the surprise that much more special!