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Lab Grown Sapphire – Could it be any more blue?

Blue is one of those uber-rich and mesmerizing colors. The deeper, the better. And what gem captures it better than the beloved gem we call sapphire? Whether mined or lab grown, the blueness of sapphire is what draws our eyes toward it, almost hypnotizing us with its heavenly shade.

So what makes a sapphire blue?

Interestingly, its the impurities in sapphires that create its majestic color. Like rubies (both rubies and sapphires derive from the mineral corundum), sapphires are allochromatic.

This means that when this gemstone goes through a developmental process within the earth’s crust and titanium enters the picture, a divine blue is created. Another impurity that factors in? The amount of iron, which affects the shading of blue.

The sapphire is also incredibly strong. It’s hardness is only second to the diamond.

If you were born in September, you can proudly call sapphire your birthstone.

Take a look at the Radiance Lab Grown Sapphire below. (Don’t look too long though–you might be carried away by its spell.)