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The Hardest Metal for Rings

With Father’s Day just behind us, we revisit a common question among ring wearers: which ring metal is the toughest? And we get why: when you’re wearing a wedding band on a daily basis (and of course, this applies to women as well), the ring simply must withstand the daily stressors that occur. The interesting part? Many people don’t realize just how much a ring withstands until they wear it.

So what hard metal is the best choice when it comes to wedding and engagement rings?

Well if you’re seeking a durable metal that’s not overly expensive, then titanium is a “solid” choice. It’s one of the strongest metals used in jewelry. And its very durable, meaning it could withstand a lifetime of wear. It’s also quite easy to clean.

If you’re seeking a durable metal that looks amazing, then platinum is your go-to choice. Platinum is a prized metal that keeps it worth and possesses an amazingly elegant and fashionable look and shine. Platinum possesses a silver-white color.

If it’s strictly durability you seek, then tungsten is the way to go. Perfect for men who work with their hands, tungsten simply will not scratch or bend. It’s about 10x harder than 18k gold and 4x harder than titanium. It is a heavier ring because of its density, so that’s a factor to consider.