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Georgia May Jagger’s Jewelery Wearing Advice

We poured over this latest article in InStyle magazine, which details model Georgia May Jagger (daughter of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall) jewelry preferences. Why? Because you know a celebrity like this has access to amazing jewelry and is on top of all the cutting edge trends. (Plus she also proudly admits she “nicks” jewelry from her mother!)

So what does the girl who could wear anything wear?

“I have a lot of her [mother’s] costume jewelry from when she was modeling, like stuff from Chanel,” she told InStyle. “It was funny because I asked her the other day, ‘When you first worked for Chanel, who was the designer there?’ She was like, ‘Coco Chanel.’ I was like, ‘Oh my god, really?’ It’s quite amazing.”

And what other essentials should every girl own?

“I think a great pair of earrings like hoops or studs, and a cocktail ring, which is always nice for an evening,” she said.