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October’s Opulent Birthstone – The Opal

Yes we know, tourmaline is also one of October’s birthstones, but we wanted to give opals their due time in the spotlight. Why? Because they’re so darn transfixing, possessing an ever-changing rainbow-like quality that captures the eye and imagination.

The Romans believed the opal was the most precious and powerful of all gems. It’s associated with hope and good luck. Other cultures believe the gem possesses supernatural powers, perfect for this magical time of year.

Here are some amazing opulent pieces from a recent 10x entry.
If you’re an October baby and want your own special custom designed opal piece, contact us.


Ilana Ariel’s white sapphire and opal stud earrings in 14-karat yellow gold.




Stuller’s 14-karat white opal and diamond necklace ($720)




This is the “Lindsay Allison” necklace from Dana Rebecca Designs, featuring opals and diamonds set in 14-karat rose gold ($1,155).


Logan Hollowell’s white opal “Waterdrop” earrings with diamond pave accents in 14-karat yellow gold ($1,800)