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The Mystical Qualities of a Talisman

Most of us probably have an amulet or talisman or two in our jewelry box, whether we know it or not. It’s that piece we wear for luck, like a job interview. Or we don for protection, like before going on a long trip.

Some may simply call these powerful pieces lucky charms” but the meaning runs deeper. Amulets and talismans have been around since the beginning of the human race…certainly not a passing trend!

According to Wikipedia:

Amulets and talismans are often considered interchangeable despite their differences. For example, the amulet is an object with natural magical properties, as opposed to a talisman which must be charged with magical powers by a creator. It is this act of consecration or “charging” that gives the talisman its alleged magical powers. The talisman is always made for a definite reason whereas an amulet can be used for generic purposes such as averting evil or attracting good luck.[2]

The Seal of Solomon, also known as the interlaced triangle is said to have been the emblem by which the wise king ruled the Genii. As a talisman it was believed all-powerful, being the ideal symbol of the absolute, and was worn for protection against all fatalities, threats, and trouble, and to protect its wearer from all evil.

Christian talisman (Breverl), 18th century.

Avert Evil Eye to Ward off Jealousy.