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Hot Campus Jewelry – Bangle Bracelets

Campuses are a perfect calibrator of emerging fashion trends. Why? Students are often the ones most likely to be on top of fashion news but more than that, they create trends.

So what’s happening on campus this Fall?

If you’ve taken a walk around campus lately, you’re sure to have noticed girls walking around with wrists covered in gold- and silver-colored bangle bracelets, or wearing necklaces with a clear locket filled with tiny charms around their neck.

“I like how personal the jewelry is designed to be. I choose what best suits me and add whatever charms I want to it. To me, it’s just another way to outwardly represent myself and my tastes. That’s why I wear the things I wear. I guess you can say fashion is simply a manner of expressing oneself and communicating with others nonverbally,” says one student.