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Sarah Jessica Parker’s Creates Brown Diamond Brooch with Designer Cindy Chao

This whimsical and eye-catching piece by actress Sarah Jessica Parker and designer Cindy Chao caught the attention of many A-list jewelry designers and buyers alike at the the Paris Haute Couture Week in July.


Ballerina Butterfly BroochBallerina Butterfly Brooch by Cindy Chao & Sarah Jessica Parker

Spectacular Brown Sparkle

The piece is constructed of 18-karat gold and titanium, and features a jaw-dropping 26.67-carat cushion-cut fancy brown diamond, three rough brown diamond slices totaling 47.71 carats, three conch pearl pieces weighing 7.25 carats, all surrounded by a staggering 4,698 diamonds and fancy colored diamonds weighing 98.09 carats.

According to the International Diamond Exchange, the brooch took two years to make. Rapaport reported that presale estimates indicate the brooch will sell between $750,000 and $950,000. Fittingly, all proceeds from the sale of the “Ballerina Butterfly” will benefit the New York City Ballet, an organization that Parker said is close to her heart.