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Custom Design versus Store Bought Gifts for the Holidays (Guess what We Prefer?)

Many of walk through the motions of holiday shopping, spending money on gifts that have a generic feel. Sure your spouse likes that fuzzy robe and your mother-in-law enjoyed the bath soap…but was it a special experience?

Custom design jewelry is just that: custom designed for the receiver, with your love and his or her personality imbued in it.

This holiday, why not try custom design jewelry and forgo another so-so gift?


Intimidated by the process? Let our professional team lead you through it.

Too expensive? You can set the price and we can work within your budgetary constraints.

Don’t know what she likes? Work with her on the gift. It will still be a surprise when its completed and given to her.

Gift a gift for the ages this year.


Here’s a few examples of custom design piece we’re working on for people just like you!