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Diamonds on your Finger…tips


Seen on the famous fingertips of Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears and Kelly Osbourne [above], Azature Pogosians black diamond nail polish wowed even the most fashion-jaded. Unfortunately, at $250,000 a bottle, most of us couldn’t get our hands on it. Until now.

The brand that brought us that very special black diamond lacquer has spent the months since figuring out how to deliver that level of luxe to the masses. Meet the Azature Black Diamond Collection, by the same LA-based fine jewelry designer who created the original look.

While the original bottle (there’s just one) was chock full of 267 carats of faceted black diamonds, WWD writes that each bottle in the new line will feature a small, black pavé diamond dropped in by hand. The designer, Azature Pogosian’s vison was “to have the talons of the masses dripping in diamonds,” the trade writes. It’s no surprise, then, that the craftsman, whose baubles have bedecked the likes of Rihanna and Beyoncé is known as “the Diamond King”.

A break from Pogosian’s love of black (and white!) diamonds, the colors in this collection are inspired by different types of diamonds, and will include red, pink, champagne, blue, green and canary. The permanent collection is still being expanded, and later this spring we can expect a launch that leans on the softer side, with lilac and gray among other pastel shades.

What ever happened to that one and only quarter-mill bottle? It’s still on view at Selfridges in London. “[It] has not sold yet,” Pogosian told WWD. If you blew all your bucks on that $91,500 Hermès T-shirt , or the diamond-dusted paint is still generally way too expensive, you can now mock the sparkly mani minus quite a few zeros. The new polishes are also available at Selfridges, as well as Kitson, Harvey Nichols Saudi Arabia, Ron Robinson, and Ron Herman Japan.

Source: Stylelite