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How to Have a Tranquil Christmas


We decided to take a holiday break from our jewelry-related blog posts and hopefully impart some gems of wisdom so you too can have a relaxing, enriching holiday.

1. Take some alone time. Many of us feel frayed around the edges because of a wide range of family (or friend) dynamics. It’s perfectly alright to take a 15-minute walk or sit quietly outside just to breathe in the air and center yourself.

2. Give your love away. The holidays are a time to share of ourselves. But often, we become swept away in a whirlwind of activity. Hug a little longer. Give that compliment that’s been quietly residing in your mind. Smile when someone is talking to you. Listen a little more. This kind of giving instantly gives back…and it is what the holidays are about, after all!

3. Take some spiritual time. Most of us are very concerned when it comes to our physical well-being or our mental health, but often our spiritual state goes gravely overlooked. What can you do to balance your spiritual energy this holiday? A few minutes of meditation in the morning? A beautiful piece of music? A prayer? No matter what you believe in, give a moment to believe in something. Feed your spirit.

Here at Joseph Schubach Jewelers, we wish you the best of holidays. We are grateful to the numerous clients that have entered our lives over the years. Thank you!