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K.L. Love at First Sight Ring

My Love at First Sight Ring is an antique, romantic piece with a nice backstory.

My husband and I met on a New Year’s cruise in 2007. He was a chef on board and I was a guest vacationing with my sister. It’s a no-no to consort with guests but there is one day the staff is allowed to stay up and fraternize and it’s New Year’s!

My sister and I were going all around the ship looking for the best place to countdown at midnight. We stepped in the elevator and 2 cute blondes got in with us. It was getting close to midnight and I jokingly said to my sister, “I hope we don’t get stuck and miss the countdown.” One of the guys said, “That wouldn’t be such a bad thing.” And I laughed.

Anyhow, out we went and had a great New Year’s and that blonde was always hovering in the background (it can be seen in photos!). We were dancing and he’d just grab my hand out of the air and spin me around. We had a great night dancing but hardly talked that night and I didn’t even know his name!

The next day my sister and I were walking on one of the ship’s levels to go on an excursion and lo and behold, there was the very same blonde in a white chef’s uniform carrying stainless steel trays. We were surprised to see each other and said hello in passing. I found out where he worked and he came out dancing with me another night, with permission from the captain himself!

Fast forward 4 years and Kevin (I did learn his name on the cruise :)) and I are reconnected. At the last minute, he decided to visit me in LA–4 years after our meeting on the cruise!

One night, while visiting, he puts his hand on my lower back as we’re walking and I think, “Uh oh!” and by the end of the week, he proposed! He said he wouldn’t let me get away. So, interesting story…truly “Love at First Sight” two times over! :)