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Choosing Earrings for your Wedding

Since we’ve seen so many brides come and go over the years, we wanted to throw out a few tips about choosing earrings for the “big day.”

1. Don’t wait until the last minute. We’ve seen this kind of procrastination time and time again. Brides are concerned with their rings but often don’t give too much thought to their earrings beforehand. But earrings play an important role in your overall look. Countless photos of your face will be taken, with your earrings doing the “framing” work. Take some time beforehand, after you’ve purchased your gown and decided on your hair style. When brides wait until the last minute, they’re often stressed and choose something on the conservative side, which may or may not be a smart choice.

2. Think Big. We’re never one to push for an “over the top” look (unless that’s what you typically wear) but with earrings for your wedding, there’s a lot to compete with, including a gown and often, a complicated hairdo. The earrings shouldn’t get swallowed in the look, but integrate and enhance.

3. But Don’t Over-accessorize. A little contradictory to the previous point, but if you are going to choose bold, dangling earrings, you don’t want to choose a big, chunky necklace, for instance. This holds true whether it’s a wedding or not; let one piece do the talking.

Below is an example of a stylish, classic pair of earrings that enhance and support most bridal gowns and hairdos.

main view of Pear Moissanite And Natural Diamond Drop Earrings Style 10370MS

Pear Moissanite And Natural Diamond Drop Earrings

Antique design drop earrings featuring two 6x4mm (.48ct dia equiv) Charles and Colvard created pear shape moissanites and approximately 1/6ct t.w. natural diamonds. Available in 14kt white gold only.

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