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Jewelry Resolutions for the New Year

Who makes jewelry resolutions for the New Year? Well, maybe we’re going to start a trend today. And maybe, these resolutions are just a tad easier than the heavyweights (like quitting alcohol or going on a dreaded diet).

Here are a few we came up with in the showroom today:

1. Clean out your jewelry box.

Often some of our best pieces are buried under some of our worst pieces. Sort out your jewelry. Decide which pieces might be great for a friend or a second-hand store. Untangle those necklaces. Pair up your earrings and get rid of the ones that don’t have a mate. When you open your jewelry box, it should be inviting, like a treasure chest, awaiting your choice.

2. Choose your color theme this year.

If you don’t have a color yet, pick one! (Again, easier than quitting smoking, right?) Go through our collection and pick out a piece that either matches or accentuates your color of choice. Gemesis, for instance, is a fantastic vibrant yellow for the new year. Colors can be inspiring, so choose one that seems in alignment with the way you’d like your year to proceed.

3. Pick your lucky charm.

As we start the year, we want the best of luck blessing our endeavors and our relationships. Why not choose a piece of existing jewelry or something from our collection, that represents your belief in your self and your special fate this upcoming year? It could be symbolic or a stone that means something special to you.


See? Not so hard. Jewelry resolutions are easy and accessible…and much prettier than a gym membership.


main view of Filigree Diamond Pendant

A Little Symbolic Sunshine for 2012?

Choose this dazzling piece.


Filigree Diamond Pendant

Hand engraved pendant with hand applied scrolls and a 3/4ct Gemesis cultured diamond with fancy yellow or orange color on an 18″ wheat chain. Pendant measures approx. 8mm in diameter.

Available Metal: 18kt White Gold and Platinum
Available Stone Size: 3/4ct