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Platinum Honors at the 2012 AGTA Spectrum Awards

We’ve talked about platinum at length over the last year. It still remains a much talked about metal, including the considerable attention it received at the 28th annual AGTA Spectrum Awards hosted by the American Gem Trade Association that celebrates outstanding design using colored gemstones. The 2012 AGTA Spectrum Awards™ competition was held in New York City on October 22-23. Take a look at some of the amazing highlights:


Platinum Honors™ 2012 Winners:
Best Use of Platinum and Color
Michael Endlich, Pave Fine Jewelry: Platinum ring featuring a 19.05 ct. cushion-cut Aquamarine with pave-set Diamonds (.41 ctw.).
Bridal Wear
James W. Currens, J.W. Currens Inc.: Platinum ring featuring a 16.80 ct. sugarloaf Ruby accented with Diamaonds (4.54 ctw.).
Day Wear
Leon Mege, Leon Mege, Inc.: Platinum Ring featuring a 16.76 ct. Paraiba Tourmaline cabachon accented with antique cushion-cut Diamonds and Diamond melee (3.10 ctw.).