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What do you know about Zultanite?

Probably not much. But not to worry – we’re here to help. Zultanite is a trending gemstone that’s been showing its chameleon-like qualities in several prominent collections. Read on about this color-changing gem.


(above) Rhonda Faber Green’s Juliet flower ring is made in 18-karat yellow gold and features 19 carats of zultanite, 3.5 carats of diamonds and color-change garnet accents ($52,070).

Use of the color-changing stone zultanite was noticeable at Couture this year, as designers such as Stephen Webster, Erica Courtney and Rhonda Faber Green incorporated the gem into their collections.

Erica Courtney’s pyramid charm (above) is made in 18-karat yellow gold and features 28 carats of zultanite with diamonds ($62,000).

“I’m particularly interested in the phenomenon of color-change stones, and it’s compelling to be able to offer my customers a gem that has a point of difference from the marketplace,” Webster said.

Stephen Webster’s 18-karat white gold drop celestial earrings (above) feature zultanite and diamonds ($54,000).

Zultanite is marked by its chameleon-like nature, changing color from kiwi green with flashes of yellow in sunlight conditions to raspberry hues in candlelight, and a rich champagne color indoors. Named in honor of the 36 sultans who ruled the Ottoman Empire, the gemstone has been in commercial production since 2006.

John Buechner’s platinum ring (above) features a nearly 13-carat cushion cut zultanite and diamonds.

Only found at one location in the world, zultanite is mined from Turkey’s remote Anatolian Mountains exclusively by Ottoman Gem (Suisse), GmbH, at the height of just above 4,000 ft. Through increased mechanization, production of the stone is expected to double this year.

Daniel Gibbings’ 20-karat yellow gold teardrop earrings (above) hold nearly 34 carats of zultanite and ruby accents ($43,290).

According to Milenyum, most zultanite rough yields one- to three-carat gemstones and up, and is never enhanced. The company is a member of AGTA, MJSA, JBT and the International Colored Gemstone Association.

For more information, visit the official zultanite website.

Source: National Jeweler