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S.D. Remastering Shiloh’s Engagement Ring

You guys are so eloquent… marcus opened the box and said “holy sh*%!” lol he couldn’t believe how beautiful it was :) we are amazed at your work, we can see and feel the quality in this ring! the moissanite is beautiful beyond my expectations, and i could not be happier with my one-of-a-kind wedding set! every bride should get a moissanite :) i now have the ring set of a lifetime, which i NEVER would have been able to afford otherwise. the sparkle in the sun is actually blinding! it’s absolute perfection, and not only from a technical aspect. it’s true art the way you brought out the essence of my original ring. it’s exquisite beauty and i can’t believe it’s mine! thank you for your extreme patience and attention to detail, i couldn’t have asked for a better experience! and just in case i start to miss your sexy voice, i’m saving your messages :) lol!