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JT’s Alexandrite Special

Letter from Client:

Hello Beth!

I noticed the final pictures up on the blog, and they look amazing! I had my doubts on the wax but you assured me it would look stunning, and to trust in the professionals at Schubach Jewelers.  Your claims are self-evident.  It’s refreshing to do business with a company that offers both an excellent product and even better customer service. I will be sure to direct anybody I can to both visit your website, and to speak with you in person. Kudos to Joe for his remarkable craftsmanship, and keen eye for picking high quality, friendly people to support his trade.

So I believe my final question for you is, when am I gonna get my paws on it? =)  If you could supply me with a tracking number when it gets shipped out I would very much appreciate it.

Thanks again for all of your help,