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Our Joe Jewelry Line – Bold, Unique and Daring

Joseph Schubach Jewelers keeps in step with the traditional, classic look of jewelry but isn’t afraid to take some bold and innovative chances.

Take our Joe Jewelry line, for instance. These are personally crafted pieces by Joseph Schubach himself that break from tradition and showcase sharp, distinctive lines with stylish and inviting cuts.

Joe Jewelry is for the customer who’s not afraid to take make a bold statement with her choice of jewelry. Reminiscent of the Art Deco jewelry movement, these pieces are geometrically fun and love to grab attention

Take a look at this video on Joe Jewelry to see the artist in action:

If you’re looking for an inspired piece that distinctly one-on-of-a-kind, contact us directly at (888) 724-8222 or email us. Joe Jewelry is waiting for you!

Here’s a few more samples:

Artist and Custom Design Jeweler Joe Schubach