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100 Year Anniversary - Joseph Schubach Jewelers

  • William Schubach’s Swami Ring

  • A Vintage Video Flashback


    Video from the 1940’s/1950’s of the Schubach Jewelers store in Boise, Idaho, along with footage of grandpa William, my father Stan Sr, my brother and sister Stan Jr and Nanette, their mother Connie and Connie’s mother Nancy. Thanks Stan for digitizing the video!

  • I now have two generations of Schubachs sparkling on my finger.

    Hi Joe,

    Wow!  Thank you so much for working with my sneaky husband on surprising me with the new diamond. I am still blown away! It’s absolutely beautiful! As I gaze down at my finger, I now have two generations of Schubachs sparkling on my finger. My original rings came from your dad. But, that was thirty years ago. J

  • GREAT service and GREAT price. Thanks!!

    My reset diamond is absolutely gorgeous- the new platinum setting is fantastic! And since my husband bought the original ring from Joe’s dad years ago, the family connection is a lovely sentimental bonus. GREAT service and GREAT price. Thanks!!

  • A Quick Look at Scottsdale

    As many of you know, our home base is in Scottsdale, Arizona. Our jewelry store has a long, multi-generational history here. This year, we celebrate 100 years in business!

    As an online business as well, we don’t really get to share much about our location, so we figured we’d give you a quick virtual tour.

    If you want to stop by, please give us a call and we’ll be glad to show you our place.

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    First a little history, found on this great website, Insider Scottsdale:

    Scottsdale is located centrally in the state of Arizona. Smack dab in the middle of the Sonoran Desert, with mountains ringing the city and giant saguaro cactus guarding those mountains.

    Scottsdale was first incorporated in 1951 and as such is a relatively new city! And boy has it come a long way baby.  Scottsdale really came into its own when the U.S. Conference of Mayors named Scottsdale as one of the nation’s “Most Livable Cities” in 1993. We have also been named “Number One Resort Community in America” and “A Fabulous Place to Retire”. We’ve been called “The Most Western Town” and in 2002, The Robb Report sited Scottsdale as “America’s Best Place to Live for golf”. And we have a number of chefs listed on the “Ten Best New Chefs in America” listed by Food and Wine.

    We know it’s a great place to live, Scottsdale sparkles, everything is clean, manicured and landscaped…and you’ll see no billboards, which totally sets it apart from any other city you might visit! Our building height is regulated, so that no matter where you are, you have at least a peak of a mountain. The Spanish and Western Architecture is very appealing and of course Frank Lloyd Wright has left his mark on our fair city.

    And now, some views of our fine city of Scottsdale:

    A view of the city from the dessert

    The House that Frank Lloyd Wright Built

    Camelback Mountains

    scottsdale-arizona-joseph schubach-jewelers

    Our great outdoors


    Downtown Scottsdale - Waterfront

    Famous Residents (Past & Present)
    The following list includes famous people who were born or have lived in Scottsdale, Arizona.


    • Sandra Bernhard, actress and comedian, Saguaro High School graduate
    • Katrina Carlson, singer-songwriter, 1984 Saguaro High School graduate
    • Gabrielle Carteris, actress
    • Paul Casey, professional golfer
    • Bob Crane, (1928-1978), actor, lived at Winfield Place Apartments
    • Hooman Karamian, blogger, also known as Nik Richie
    • Katie Lohmann, actress, model and Playboy Playmate
    • Stephenie Meyer, author, Twilight series, attended Chaparral High
    • Frankie Muniz, actor and professional race car driver
    • Dave Mustaine, musician, former member of Metallica
    • David Spade, actor, comedian and television personality, 1982 Saguaro High School graduate


    • Charles Barkley, retired professional basketball player
    • TJ Beam, professional baseball player, 1999 Saguaro High School graduate
    • Darrell Bevell, professional football coach and former pro football player, Chaparall High School graduate
    • Wayne Gretzky, retired professional hockey player, former part-owner of Phoenix Coyotes
    • Tom Lehman, professional golfer, golf course architect
    • Billy Mayfair, professional golfer
    • Geoff Ogilvy, professional golfer
    • Danica Patrick, professional race car driver and advertising spokeswoman
  • Joseph Schubach Jewelers – 100 Years of History

    This is our 100th year in business. Can you believe it? We’re still shaking our heads. How many businesses get to celebrate a 100 year mark?

    Well, we’ve been digging through our archives in preparation of an upcoming celebration we’ll be having in Scottsdale and wanted to share with you some of our vintage Schubach! They include shots of earlier stores, newspaper articles and in-house documents.

    Click on any of the photos below to see a larger image.