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Sterling Silver – Jewelry’s Workhouse Metal

Sterling silver is the workhouse of jewelry metals. Not as glamorous as its gold or platinum counterparts, but it makes up for it with its malleability, beauty and durability.  But don’t let its sensible price-tag make you think its cheap; top designers around the world use it in their high-end designs.

So what is sterling silver exactly?

Sterling silver is generally 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metal alloy (usually copper).

To ensure you’re getting the best quality sterling silver jewelry,  buy from established, reputable jewelry companies and look for marks like these:

  • 925 or .925
  • sterling
  • sterling silver

Actually authentic 925 sterling silver is not that inexpensive. But the extra cost is worth it for the quality and lifetime value of the jewelry.

Is sterling silver durable? 

Interestingly, sterling silver jewelry can last a lifetime. Its all about the care (not surprisingly).

How do I clean sterling silver jewelry:

The best part with cleaning sterling silver jewelry? You can do it your home using basic ingredients:

  • Soap and water: Considered the best way to clean sterling silver.
  • Baking soda and water: Ditch the toothpaste idea and go for this basic recipe instead.
  • White vinegar and baking soda: This is good for heavier tarnish. Soak your sterling silver in ½ cup of white vinegar and 2 tablespoons of baking soda and let the jewelry sit for two to three hours. Rinse jewelry and pat dry.
  • Finish with a polish: Just for a little extra shine!
Style 102798 Sterling silver heart shaped necklace with .06ct t.w. round natural diamonds and milgrained edges, set on an 18" cable chain.

Style 102798. Sterling silver heart shaped necklace with .06ct t.w. round natural diamonds and milgrained edges, set on an 18″ cable chain.

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