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  • Citrine – The Kundalini Quartz


    Definitions of Citrine

    like a citron or lemon; of a lemon color; greenish yellow

    But the elegant, energetic quartz Citrine comes in a variety of colors, ranging from pale yellow to brown to orange to reddish brown. Natural citrine (one of the most rare of of the quartz family) is a pale champagne yellow or orange. 

    Citrine is reputed to be one of the most powerful of the quartz family as well. It is often called the "Kundalini quartz" because of its ability to fully activate and spiral all of the energy between your chakras. 

    It is also one of the few minerals on the planet that transmutes rather than absorbs negative energies as well as being considered an "emotional balancer."

    And if that isn't enough, it also is rumored to help the heart, kidney, digestive tract, liver and muscle, promote creativity and eliminate self-destructive behavior.

    If you want to start the New Year right with this special quartz or other gems such as Moissanite, then consider Joseph Schubach Custom Jewelry, where you co-create the jewelry of your dreams with us.

  • Our One-of-a-Kind Blinged Out Bobby Pin


    A Piece de Resistance to Any Upscale Do

    Joseph Schubach Jewelers – Custom Designed Bobby Pin

    The humble bobby pin was invented in 1922 as a way to keep the latest “bob” hairstyles in check. The bob haircut was popularized in the 20’s with silent screen stars like Colleen Moore (below.)



    Several years later, Louise Brooks would make waves across the nation with her bold hairstyle:

    Bob hairstyles have been in vogue ever since. And with the everlasting, classic trend, the need for a bobby pin.


     And while the bobby pins of yesteryear were a remarkable bargain…


    Joseph Schubach Jewelers has upped the ante a little and created this dazzling blinged out bobby pin made from sterling silver with a genuine turquoise, diamond and 14kt white gold trim. (It’s a little more than a dime but well worth it.)

    This remarkable one-of-a-kin bejeweled bobby pin will be the centerpiece of any hairdo, adding a sense of grace and finesse.

    And in a pinch, you could pick a lock with it.

    …. on the other hand, you may just want to call a locksmith.

  • Another Gems From The Heart Story Contest Entry

    My husband gave me a pink saphire ring when I gave birth to my daughter. It
    is the  most treasured piece of jewerly I own- it symbolozies mw becoming a
    woman and also the birth of my my first baby

  • Another Gems From The Heart Story Contest Entry

    Ever since I was a little girl, I have been a huge fan of the Pink
    Panther. Peter Sellers was so fantastic in that movie. He made me laugh
    so hard. I watched every Pink Panther movie  that came out. But, even
    better then his performance was the magnificent Pink Panther. Not the
    cartoon character, the diamond. Oh how I dreamt that one day I would
    marry someone as rich as Richard Burton and he would buy me a big pink
    diamond ring.
    In 2006 the new version of the Pink Panther with Steve Martin came out.
    I am a huge fan of Steve Martin. Not only is "Roxanne" one of my
    favorite movies but I also have read his books. I was so excited to go
    see the movie and my husband and I talked about both versions after we
    watched the new one. I told him about my dreams of having a big pink
    diamond. So, last Christmas, even though money was tight, my husband
    bought me a 3 carat pear cut pink sapphire. Even though it was not a
    diamond, it was gorgeous!
    I couldn't believe that he remembered my childhood dream. Now I have my
    very own pink panther. And he is way better than Richard Burton!
    Crystal Yaeger

  • Inauguration Day Fashion and Jewelry News

    seems that our good friend and colleague Todd Cislo over at

    has some connections with the Obama Inauguration Celebration.

    asked Todd if he would be our Jewelry Correspondent for the
    festivities while hobnobbing with celebrities and dignitaries. We're
    hoping he'll find some

    cultured diamonds

    in the crowd to report on. If not we're sure he'll find plenty of
    other interesting pieces.


    Cislo at Climate Pearl, Jewelry Man about Town


    Cislo, basking in the radiant beauty of Ashley Judd and her rare South sea cultured pearl necklace

    first dazzling star Todd came across was the luminous Ashley Judd
    with a stunning set of rare and distinguished South Sea cultured
    pearls grazing her neck.

    Sea pearls have a longstanding history of being the hotshot
    pearl – large, rare, expensive and deeply lustrous, changing color
    and luminescence according to the existing light. Full strands of
    matched pearls are even more difficult to find, falling comfortably
    in the
    $100,000 to $300,000 range (with the
    perfection in size of these pearls, we’re guessing this
    necklace falls in the higher range!)

    kind of pearl comes from the largest and rarest oysters in the world,
    the Pinctada maxima, found only in the stretches of ocean in the
    South Seas, hence its name.
    The sensitivity of
    this oyster makes the cultivation of these pearls considerably more
    difficult and the pearl itself, more expensive than any other.

    made a smart fashion choice with this timeless piece, complimenting
    the radiant quality of her ivory skin as well as showcasing her
    upbeat satiny dress.

    and pearls – a classic look on a classic beauty on a special day.


    that would have complimented Ashley’s Inauguration Day look.

  • Another Gems From The Heart Story Contest Entry

    mom was not the type of woman to own makeup or jewelry, but she did
    have a few items my dad had given her in a small jewelry box in her
    bedroom. Whenever her and my dad would go out when I was a child I
    would sneak into her bedroom and try on this one ring she had, just a
    small gold band with a tiny amethyst and a chip of a diamond. She
    passed away after battling breast cancer for 7 years when I was 13.
    That day I  went into her room and put on her amethyst
    ring and I’ve worn it every day since (I’m 27 now). It’s pretty banged
    up from catching it on doors and I’ve since chipped the stone, but it’s
    still a piece of me and I wouldn’t give it up even if I was being
    robbed. I wrote this poem about the ring back in college in a creative
    writing class and would like to share it with your readers….


    Small Lady                                                     


    Tiptoe into her room          

    A magnificent box

    towers over you.

    Open the glass door.

    Rubies, opals, diamonds

    and one small amethyst.

    Put it on

    small lady

    then dance

    around the room

    spinning, twirling.

    Be like your mother

    so grown up.

    With a ring like that you can do anything.

    Put it back

    so no one knows

    you’ve been there.

    Wait till you’re older

    they will all say.


    Small lady

    You’re older now

    but are you old enough

    to take care of a family

    clean your house

    cook your meals?

    Well you have to be

    small lady

    because your mother,

    she’s gone now.

    The cancer

    ate her alive.

    Go ahead, scream

    through piercing silence

    that it is not true.

    Shatter that glass on the floor.

    It will not change the truth.

    You are alone now.


    Tiptoe into her room again.

    Open the glass door

    to the magnificent box

    that no longer

    towers over you.

    Go ahead

    take out the amethyst.

    Put it on.

    Can you still do anything

    with a ring like that?

    Small lady

    you are no longer small.

    Now you are grown up.

    You have to be.

  • Another Gems From The Heart Story Contest Entry

    When I was six years old and
    starting first grade, my parents gave me a Mickey Mouse watch.  I loved
    it, wore it for years, then never saw it again.
    When my late mother passed away in 1985, we were closing her apartment, and I found my Mickey Mouse watch in her jewelry box!
    I am now 70 years old, and I still have my Mickey Mouse watch…and it still runs!
    Mrs. Audrey Larson
  • Another Gems From The Heart Story Contest Entry

    My husband and I have been together for 18 years now, and I have quite a
    collection of great jewelry. Even a special piece Joseph Schubach and I designed
    together, and now is being sold on the web site. That would be item # 6656M, a
    beautiful piece. My point is, that after all these years, and all this jewelry,
    one day I mentioned to my husband that he had never actually given me a ring
    himself. One that he had solely picked alone. I said this to him after he
    jokingly gave me a twist tie ring, ( one of those things from a loaf of bread)
    and I kept it. He asked me why I was keeping such a stupid thing as that. And
    that's when I told him it was the only ring he had ever given me himself, and it
    meant more to me than all the others, because it came from him alone. At first
    he didn't get it, but then he must have felt kinda guilty, because this
    Christmas I received a ring that he picked out all by himself, a beautiful one
    at that! So no matter how many I already have, this one has some sentimental
    value. The rest are just baubles, as he calls them. Beautiful baubles, I call
    them!!!  But it took him 18 years to pick out a ring for me, and it may be
    a small one compared to some others, but it's a start. He did good! And I still
    have the twist tie one too. Thank you, Jenette

  • Another Gems From The Heart Story Contest Entry

    heard the song by George Straight, “Check Yes or No?”  Well this evening as I was sitting in church,
    the same pew I’ve sat in since I started coming a few months ago, I noticed a
    young lady who’d caught my eye on more than one occasion.  As the service progressed I continued to
    periodically glance her way.  Soon it
    turned into making a fake stretch or just merely glancing her way.  I couldn’t help myself but be drawn by her attractiveness.  Well, I was so fed up with myself and this
    childish play that I had to do something about it.  Thank goodness for the back of church
    bulletins.  In my note to her I
    introduced myself as a likeable fellow who had goals and dreams, failures and
    faults, just like everyone else does.  As
    I finished the note I realized I needed her number so maybe, just maybe, if she
    called me, we would hit it off.  So, on
    the bottom of the note I so childishly wrote, “Would you want to be my friend?
    Check yes or no” and left her with my number.

    10 months
    later I found myself looking to buy us a house and trying to afford a ring for
    our engagement.  We’ve all heard third
    times a charm and it’s been proven in my life because this is actually the 3rd
    marriage for both me and my beautiful fiancé. 
    But what makes this one so different and so unique is not the note but
    the ring.  Since being engaged and not living
    together the nights are difficult and lonely for my fiancé.  So with me absent she needed something to cling
    to…this ring.  You see, her past
    marriages have been straight from a horror film.  The torment and abused her and her two boys
    faced was more than most could bear in their entire life.  But Jennifer is strong.  She is a survivor and her faith in God has
    brought her thru many storms.  So, even
    with her insecurities being rampant, her fears haunting her, and her slight
    brain damage, due to an ex-husband ramming her head into a wall, she has this
    ring to hold onto at night.  It serves as
    a gentle reminder that this relationship has been brought together by the
    Lord’s perfect will and a hope of a better tomorrow.  This ring is more than a stone but a cure.
    It’s a medicine that can cure insecurity, doubt, restlessness, and fears.  Her humbleness and appreciation for the ring
    is unfathomable compared to what she really deserves. 

    I know that
    maybe moissanite isn’t the “real thing”, but to Jennifer and me it says more
    than that and it gives more than that too. 
    It gives hope.  It gives promises
    of a better day.  But more so it gives
    her something to hold onto while I’m not with her at night.  Diamonds may last forever, but nothing gives
    hope like moissanite.     

    Brooks Ford

  • Another Gems From The Heart Story Contest Entry

    Snap 1
    This story begins at the Phoenix Zoo.  It was the
    crisp, clear autumn evening of Saturday, November 3rd, 2007.  I had gone to
    a singles event that night in support of some single friends who were much more
    interested in the dating scene than I was.  In mingling at the event, a
    tall and oh-so-handsome guy caught my attention.  I can’t say what
    it was about him, and I never spoke to him that night, but my head was
    definitely turned.  As the event wrapped up, I left with friends and
    remember thinking that not speaking to him that night was a regret.

    A couple of days later, in an amusing twist of fate, I
    noticed him online and thought, “How odd!  I think that’s the
    Zoo guy!…Send him a note.”  I did, and he replied, and we
    struck a chord with each other that truly resonated.  (And for those of
    you who are curious, his name is Eric though “the Zoo guy” has been
    an ongoing label of love.)

    We had an amazing 2008 and it’s been the romance and
    love of a lifetime.  We were both very cautious about marriage because we
    had some unexpected heartbreaks in our marriages before, so when it came up, it
    was always “…IF we get married.”  I knew Eric was the
    man for me, but was shocked by what came next.

    Eric’s birthday is November 2nd, so I had
    planned on taking him out to dinner for his birthday.  We celebrated with
    family on his actual birthday, so we planned the evening alone for November 3rd
    He requested a restaurant on Mill Avenue, so we headed that way and before I
    knew it we were on Galvin Parkway.  He said he wanted to walk around the
    Zoo for a while, and it being his birthday celebration, who am I to
    argue?  I confess seeing the main gate closed at the Zoo deterred me, but
    he seemed to think that we should sneak in through the open side gate.  At
    this point, I’m thinking, “Hey, I have a zoo membership! 
    It’s not like we didn’t pay…” 

    After leading me down a short path, we came across this cute
    stone cottage
    that is tucked away in the Zoo.
      As we approached the white
    glass-paned window, it was alight with candles everywhere…the
    windowsills, the perimeter of the floor, and on the shelves lining the
    walls.  Then I noticed the table in the center of the room, which was set
    for dinner and glowed in the bath of candlelight.  I looked in wonder at
    this fairytale setting and then turned to him, and the grin on his face told me
    this was for us.  He said to me, “Happy Anniversary”
    (it was a year to the day since I had seen him at the Zoo event.)  There
    was a gorgeous arrangement of tiger lilies and roses (my favorite) in the
    middle of the table, and dinner was magically waiting.  Our favorite music
    was playing in the background, and we dined in the most romantic setting
    I’ve ever seen.  To be back at
    the Zoo, where it all began, meant so much to us.

    After dinner, as we took a walk around the Zoo, he asked me
    to stop and close my eyes.  I did, and when he asked me to open my eyes, I
    looked up to see Eric, only to find him on his knee before me, holding a

    There was a sign that said “Will you marry me?” in
    white lights between the palm trees,Sign
    and another white linen table with more
    flowers, champagne flutes, and Martinelli’s. Table
    He had the most
    sincere and honest expression in his eyes when he proposed, and then he said to
    me, “I promise I’ll never break your heart.” 

    Being no fool, I said yes…multiple times to be sure it
    was real. Dinner
    I’m the kind of girl who doesn’t like to overlook
    the moment, so I was absorbing all this and didn’t truly look at the ring
    until we got home.  Once I did, I couldn’t believe how exquisite the
    ring was.  It was as if Eric knew exactly what I’d choose for
    myself:  the stones, the setting, the sizing.  Even more amazing,
    Eric had sketched out what he wanted and taken it in to meet with Joe
    Schubach.  This sketch became my engagement ring, thanks to the
    unparalleled skill and knowledge of Joe Schubach and his wonderful team.Lake

    Without hesitation, we then met with Joe and his team to
    find the perfect wedding ring for Eric.  Now we are simply elated to get
    married and begin our grand adventure in life together! 
    The best part is how excited our 4 combined children are to be forming
    this new family…we couldn’t be happier!