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The Lost Art of Leaving Love Notes

One of the most amazing parts about making someone feel loved? It doesn’t take a lot of effort!

Leaving love notes for that special person in your life is sweet, simple…and deeply effective. It can lift a heart, brighten a spirit and heighten our appreciation of being alive. The cost? A pen, a piece of paper and a little creativity. (And no, no texting!)

Feel like you’re lacking on the creative front? Remember this: its the effort of doing it that counts, not your lack of Shakespearean level poetry.

Dare to be corny. Use silly metaphors (“My love for you is like a never-ending rainbow of joy”) or similes (“When I think of you, it’s like my heart has taken flight and only stops at the edges of the stars.” Or keep it simple (“You are mine. And I am yours. Always.”)

There is no right or wrong when it comes to sharing your expression of love. That’s the beauty of it.