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Looking at a Picture of a Loved One Provides Good Feelings


A picture may be worth a thousand words but we all know its not the same thing as the actual living, breathing person standing in front of you.

But let’s not write off the power of a picture yet! A photo of a loved one can actually relieve pain and improve the overall health of someone undergoing an illness.

“Looking at a picture of a loved one reduced moderate pain by about 40 percent and eased severe pain by about 10 to 15 percent, compared to viewing the picture of an acquaintance.” [Source: The NY Times]

So the next time you see the shrine of a loved one in someone’s home, you’ll realize that its existence goes beyond a simple memorial for that person; it actually relieves pain and creates good feelings.

Missing a person you love? Take a few moments with that photo and allow all of the feelings it may evoke. No, it’s not that person. But it still possesses powerful effects on us that can actually make us feel better!