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The bennies of an emerald cut diamond ring

The emerald cut. Dramatic, classic and just plain eye-catching. But is the cut for you?

Here are some benefits of the emerald cut ring:

More bang for your buck. Emerald cut engagement rings are less expensive than their round or princess-cut diamond counterparts(generally about 15 – 25% less). That’s because this type of cut is generally in less demand, which means more savings for you.

The slenderizing effect. Diamonds (or other gems that are emerald cut) are elongated which gives the illusion of a more slender, longer finger. Perfect for women who are looking for a “whole hand effect” when wearing their prized piece.

More bling appeal. Emerald cut engagement rings simply look larger because of the design of the  cut. An average 1 carat emerald cut stone has up to 5% greater surface area than a 1 carat round cut gem. This means the top of the ring looks bigger, hence extra bling appeal for you and all who lay eyes on it!

So is a emerald cut engagement ring for you? Check out the video below for a closer look. Or call us up. Our expert staff can help you decide the best cut for you, your lifestyle and your personality.