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Stacking Rings – Finding the Right Balance


We love the stackable ring trends…but we’ve seen it done incorrectly where the balance and symmetry isn’t quite right. So is there a “rule” to stacking rings?

First off, there’s no hard or fast rule to any fashion trend that can’t be adapted and changed. It’s important to take some chances and experiment for a while until you find a technique to creating a “finger party” that feels like a fit.

Here are a few pointers that you can try:

Mix metals. Don’t be afraid to mix metals when stacking. As a matter of fact, its the variety of shades and sizes that make for an inviting overall look.

Alternate power fingers. Go ahead and stack heavy on one finger…but go simple with the finger adjacent to it. (Commonly, the middle finger is a power finger.)

Don’t overdo. Coco Chanel once infamously said, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” The same applies with ring stacking. It’s fun to go overboard when you first start but dare to remove one unnecessary stacker before you finish.

Think balance. According to a recent Forbes article: “The one rule is balance, so pay attention to your fingers’ Feng Shui! I personally wear a stack of four or five similar thin rings on my first finger, a tall yet simple shape on my middle finger, and then a short stack of two different-sized rings on my ring finger. That way I have near-uniform ring-height across my hand but the total look isn’t overwhelming.” —Catherine Alexander, Founder and Designer of Stanmore.